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What is ACEiT Blue?

Blue finishing aid is a spray-on additive that makes concrete flatwork finishing easier and faster, producing better results and reducing the risk of a premature setting. Applied while floating or troweling, Blue provides the ability to extend the time needed to finish concrete under dry and windy conditions. Blue does not alter the water to cement ratio. It provides moisture-retention performance similar to a liquid membrane-forming curing compound. Blue is different in that it is non-film-forming, so there is no membrane or residue to remove which is important if other types of coatings will be applied later.

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Blue is a ready-to-use concrete finishing aid used to lubricate surfaces for a faster, easier, and uniform finish. It extends the workable time of the concrete during undesirable pouring conditions such as high wind, heat, low humidity, or when short-staffed. Blue eliminates blessing the slab, the need to add water to the surface, which can be detrimental to the surface. When applying during finishing, Blue provides long-term benefits to cured concrete such as less slab curling, plastic shrinkage, checking, crazing (fine random cracks or fissures on the surface), and scaling (local flaking or peeling of a finished surface). Blue allows for more time to finish the concrete and has shown the ability to bring prematurely setting slabs back to a workable state.

• Lubricates for more efficient surface finishing
• Reduces operator fatigue
• Reduces trowel wear and tear
• Minimizes checking, crazing, and scaling
• Extends workability under hot, dry, and windy conditions
• Reduces water vapor transmission *MVER

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