ACEiT Blue Description:

ACEiT Blue is a proprietary surface finishing and curing agent that can work in conjunction with ACEiT additives, or independently.  ACEiT Blue works exceptionally well and engineered for low-slump  concrete mixes such as Roller Compacted Concrete and Cement Treated Bases, curb mixes, and other low slump cementitous applications. Yet, its use can also be very beneficial in Conventional Ready Mixed Concrete applications as well. ACEiT Blue is a low viscosity liquid manufactured in Wichita, Kansas. ACEiT Blue produces an easy-to-spray liquid that can be uniformly applied. ACEiT Blue is relatively odorless and tasteless, is inert and non-reactive, and the blue coloration dissipates upon exposure to UV light where at such time it becomes clear and transparent. ACEiT Blue does NOT form an indefinite film, so it does not prohibit the bonding of other materials such as striping paints or subsequent layers of concrete. ACEiT Blue is sold and typically shipped in 275-gallon plastic totes, but can be packaged in alternative customer specified volumes as well.

ACEiT Blue Applications/ Benefits:

When sprayed in a mist to the surface of the concrete, ACEiT Blue extends the finishing and working time, reduces friction, greatly improves workability, and overall performance of the RCC pavement, or any other concrete surface. The proprietary blend of highly concentrated Rheology Enhancing Ethers, Non-Surfactant Surface Tension Reduction Compounds and Water Retention Extracts that when activated by mechanical energy ACEiT Blue will assist ACEiT Plus in the generation of a finishing paste that closes the surface of the RCC mat, increases surface durability abrasion resistance, reduces permeability, increases freeze/thaw durability, reduces loss of moisture through evaporation, extends working time, extends the life of fresh joints, and creates surface conditions conducive to traditional concrete finishing techniques that are indistinguishable from conventional concrete.

At its typical dosage rate, ACEiT Blue also functions as a curing agent for the RCC because of its proprietary bonding to the water molecules that prevent them from escaping the pavement and allowing for full hydration of the cement. This action helps promote superior strengths and surface durability in the RCC, and also reduces the frequency of flash setting in low slump concrete mixes and premature shrinkage cracking-especially in high temperature and high wind placement conditions.

ACEiT Blue can assist in providing a desired textured finish, i.e. broom finish without roller or other marks; mitigating the need to grind or repair areas that placement conditions would not allow with the use of rollers when placing conventional RCC. It can also keep the surface of the concrete alive for a much longer period of time during high heat and windy conditions preventing flash setting and extending the finishing period.

ACEiT Blue Dosage Rates

Dosing of the ACEiT Blue finishing and curing agent is typically one gallon per 100-200 square feet. The agent is typically applied by use of a mechanical pump from a bulk tank, or through a portable hand sprayer. No special tanks, hoses, or spraying nozzles are required. ACEiT Blue finishing/curing agent’s dose is subjective to the mix design’s gradation and cement content, and weather conditions. It is not recommended to have ACEiT Blue pond or applied so heavily that it runs on the surface. A fine mist is recommended and with our patented “Blue” color, visual coverage of the surface area is possible. ACEiT Blue can also be added through the water system on compaction equipment that have water dispersion capabilities and the water distribution system on trowel machines.

Storage of ACEiT Blue:

ACEiT Blue should be stored in an area that prevents freezing. Freezing will cause separation of ACEiT Blue, although it can be reconstituted by warming and recirculation. Typical shelf life is approximately 6-12 months in factory container.